Why can't I add an image to a Product Tour step?

  • 1 February 2022
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All of a sudden today I can't embed an image in a product tour step. Anyone else encountering this? What's up with it?


Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 2 February 2022, 09:19

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7 replies

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@mark t12 Traphagen​ You mean it's not saving? Or you're not able to even add it?

If it's the first one, I had a similar issue with our help center. Turns out, one of my browser extensions caused it. Try using an incognito window to see if that solves your problem.

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It's the latter. When I try to add any image to a step, all that happens is a new blank line appears in the step. But I'll try it in incognito to see if it might be the same cause.

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Nope. Problem still occurs in incognito with no extensions enabled. Waiting on Intercom support now. Thanks anyway!

@kevin b​ I am having this same issue. I cannot add a image to the product tour and I have tried Google Chrome, incognito and edge. I've also tried different image file types but the same issue occurs are you able to assist with this

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Sorry to hear that. If using an incognito window didn't help, I'm afraid I don't know what else to try. Maybe someone from Intercom has more ideas. Or you contact the Intercom support, maybe they have an idea.

I have the exact same problem. No solution works. Image just don't load into a product tour. Maybe someone from Intercom can elaborate? Thanks

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Turned out to be a CSP problem for us (Content Security Policy).>