Why does modal window appear before the page is loaded?

I have designed a multi page tour which guides users to different pages within the application to show them important features and what they can do.


However, when a user traverses from one page to another page, the modal window (as part of the product) tour appears even before the actual page is loaded.


For end users the tour appears as a very wonky experience as a modal window/tooltip appears even before the page is loaded.


Any ideas why this may be happening or how this can be resolved?


Best answer by Aparna 19 July 2022, 16:32

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Hey @user1363​ ! Product Tours is only meant for static pages - that are unchanging after the initial load. If the pages changes because a modal appears, then that can cause issues. To be transparent with you, issues like this needs to be investigated in depth and I would suggest you getting in touch with our support team so you can share the tour link, login credentials to access the website to view the tour with our support team to look into this issue.

Thank you Aparna

Can you please what is the best way to get in touch with support team to set up a call to dig deeper into this?