Why is my post showing that no one clicked on it when there is a video on it and users have clicked on it?

  • 7 April 2021
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We tested the post which recorded us as 'Opened' but even though we clicked on a video inserted in the post, it did not record as clicked. Is that not tracked as 'Clicked on post'?


Best answer by Blair N 7 April 2021, 17:41

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3 replies

I've found that embedded videos don't count clicks. Your best option is to track the video views from your video software.


An alternative method would be to upload a thumbnail and link out to a landing page. This would allow you to track clicks. However, this isn't ideal because you'd be adding another step to your funnel.


Hope that helps!

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That's perfect. Thanks! I can see the views on the video..was just curious why Intercom wasn't showing any clicks. This clears it up :)


Hello @user368​ ,


I'm suggesting to use Wistia + Intercom integration.


Wistia gives you a perfect analytic information.