Cannot re-use a field in custom reports? no ability to use and and or operators in custom reports?

  • 17 February 2023
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I'm not seeing an option to re-use a field in a custom report. i.e. if I use the 'conversation' tag field in a custom report, I cannot use that field again in the report. my use case is if I want to find ticket containing multiple tags, I cant do it. anyone else run into this? having the capability to use 'and' and 'or' operators is something basic that any reporting system should have, I think - unless I'm missing something totally!


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2 replies

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Hi @Monish Prem​ ​ 


Indeed, you can't use the same parameter more than once, but you can select more than value for the same parameter (If I understood correctly, this would serve in your use-case)

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You are correct, Amber. I didn't realize that was possible for the 'custom' fields as well. Thank you, that helps!