Does anyone here understand the Conversational Support Funnel Report?

  • 6 February 2023
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I love the visual it gives, but need to understand what goes into each section.


For example, is someone who views help articles included in the Seeking Support section and then the Tried to resolve with self serve content.


Tool Tips, are these classed as Proactive Support?


I have read the article, but am still unsure.>


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Hey @nicole y​ Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


The Conversational Support Funnel shows modern teams how to efficiently scale a messenger-first experience by unifying proactive, self-serve and human support capabilities. The three stages of the funnel are:


Proactive support: Get ahead of known problems before customers reach out, with features like Product Tours and Outbound Messages.

Self-serve support: Answer repetitive questions automatically through features like Resolution Bot and contextual Articles.

Human support: Quickly resolve complex issues one-on-one through Team Inbox and powerful workflows.


To answer your questions more specifically, people seeking support are those who have viewed or searched for an article (in the Messenger or on your Help Center), or started a conversation in a session. If they are considered tried to resolve or resolved depends on what their actions are after viewing the Article.

  • Tried to resolve with self-serve content are those who attempted to resolve their question with self-serve support, by viewing or searching for articles in the Messenger or your Help Center.
  • Resolved with self-serve content are those who successfully found support. — This is anyone who didn’t start a conversation within the 24 hour session after they began seeking support.


A Tooltip is considered Proactive Support. As you can see here, when selecting a message in the Proactive support usage section, Tooltips are included:

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 7.56.56 PMYou can find more information about the Conversational Support Funnel in this blog post.

I have a follow up question. Do you count all visits to the Help Center or is it somehow sorted out? For example, I am managing our Help Center (Knowledge Base) and naturally I have to open the articles a lot of the time. My colleagues from the Sales department for example also need to open them, as well as the Support team. Do our visits also count towards the “Seeking support” funnel?