How are you measuring team responsiveness across regions?

  • 5 April 2022
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So, I've been on a bit of a journey over the past couple of months, trying to understand why some weird and whacky results were coming out of our different teams, specifically around Response Times and First Response Times.


TL; DR: We need to find a way to parse out the times for each regional team that accounts for their responsiveness within their assigned, core hours. Any ideas?



For those interested, the background is below:


Our default Office Hours were set up to cover these times (in AEST):

  • Monday 08:30-23:59
  • Tuesday-Friday 00:00-23:59
  • Saturday 00:00-11:00


In addition, each regional team (APAC, AMER, EMEA) also had local hours that covered roughly 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri.


However, when we took a deep dive into the data, we were seeing big outliers where the FRT and RT would be way off. Luckily a few of these were unique enough that we could filter and see that essentially, unless the contact came in outside of the default Office Hours, it was deemed to have been within active time, regardless of team/region assigned.


This isn't something we knew and thought that creating discrete, office hours for each regional team, would not only inform customers when to expect a response (via chat) but also ensure we weren't dinging the teams on their KPIs for conversations that come through after hours in their region. This isn't how it works though.


Instead, the "response time clock" only pauses when the Default Office Hours do. So, Monday morning will always be bad for the EMEA (GMT/BST) and AMER (PST/PDT) teams as their customers may email in after-hours over the weekend, but the response time will begin to clock up as soon as APAC comes online. are you all solving this? ⏳




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Hey Adam! I totally see where you are coming from. I'm afraid our reporting only works within the workspace's main office hours. Right now, it currently does not support and include team level office hours. 😔. You can add this as a feature request on the product wishlist page

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Thanks, @aparna​! The support folks have been great in working this through with us, so definitely aware of the limitations right now. 😊


My question here is just trying to leverage the "hive mind" and see how other teams have worked this through. Not sure if there's a reporting module/app/plug-in or a tame quant that people might be using to get to the underlying data. Any direction they (or you, or anyone!) can provide would be super!

Hey Adam & Aparna

It sounds like you’re having a similar challenge as myself. We have our default office hours set to BST, and have a regionalised timezone for one of our inboxes. When running the Responsiveness report for the previously mentioned Inbox, we are getting response times of hours… whilst I absolutely know this isn’t the case!

Is there a work around that if we had our office hours set to open 24/7 and then added specific regionalised timezones for each inbox, along with rules of when each inbox is open - would this then deliver accurate responsiveness reporting?

Currently we can only measure this metric for our UK based team, and as a business who also currently works out of APAC, soon to be EMEA and other regions, it’s something we need to overcome.

Any ideas welcome, TIA



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For what it’s worth, we are having a similar issue. There is one inbox for the global Sales team, and one global set of office hours. However, reporting still needs to be accurate on regional level - and not all reps can handle all requests (eg when it is specific to a region they do not cover).