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  • 21 October 2023
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Cannot find an article to explain the real difference between these two and which one is the most accurate to report on volumes. 

Additionally, the totals do not add up under the Team Performance Tab to either of the above for total conversations. Any help is appreciated.


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Hey @Teresa Laurin 👋🏼 Shauna here from Support! 

For more context on each ⬇️

New Conversations

  • The volume of unique conversations created during the selected time period, grouped by first end user reply.

  • This dashboard:

    • Show all conversations by default. This counts any conversation with an end user reply and

    • Grouped by first end user reply instead of conversation created at. This is required to accommodate conversations that were in response to an outbound message.

New Inbound Conversations

  • Number of conversations started by an inbound message, including through inbound bots.

Hey @Shauna - is there a knowledge base with these thorough definitions? I’m wondering about Conversations assigned vs conversations responded to.


Trying to create some Year-over-year comparisons but having a hard time with what number is accurate throughout the various canned reports as they differ slightly.




Hey @Shauna - is there a repository with details like this for all metrics?


I’m looking for some clarity on Conversations assigned vs conversations responded to.


Hoping to create a YOY comparison report but having a hard time finding the true number as it varies slightly across the various default reports.