What do you consider a 'good' self-service resolution rate?

  • 2 December 2022
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I realize this is highly contextual and depends on a host of factors, but I'm wondering if there are some rough benchmarks against which I might compare our Help Center's SSRR. Is there an industry standard, e.g., or a number that Intercom uses internally to give customers a target to aim for? At Lessonly by Seismic, we've achieved a SSRR of roughly 87% YTD, which seems very good to me! But again, I have no basis for comparison.

2 replies

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Also interested in "article resolution rate" figures, if you're willing to share them with me.

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Posting an explanation that was shared with me by an Intercom support agent, in case anyone else finds it helpful or reassuring:


"We don’t have a specific definition for a “good” rate, because it varies so much company to company! For example, some companies handle a lot of straightforward, non-technical questions that can be resolved within minutes (or a single reply) and so they have a higher self-serve rate, encouraging users to find those answers on their own. Whereas other companies (like Intercom!) handle a lot of detailed and technical questions that a simple doc or bot answer won’t be able to resolve, and so there’s a lower % of conversations that can be resolved self-serve".