can i search for a closed conversation by User id?

can i search for a closed conversation by User id?

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Hey @gennaroโ€‹ย ,

Not sure I'm hitting the mark with what you're trying to do here but... you can't search the inbox by a userid. Looks like these are the only options.

InboxsearchBut, depending on what you are trying to do, if you know the customer name you can search for them in Contacts and their history of conversations will display once you open the customer record. You could also do a filter by userid if that is displaying in the Intercom data for you. Like below...

useridsearchHope that helps.



Thanks. There is no chence to add this option in the trigger menu? Is the only value that never misses



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Hi @brent wโ€‹ย !👋 Thank you for your answer above!🙌 Do you think you can reply to the last comment/ question to share additional insights?

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Sure @diana t12โ€‹ย  - Sorry have been off work and didn't see this.

@gennaroโ€‹ย when you say trigger menu do you mean the search bar options? If so, I think that Intercom can only show Intercom general fields here. Userid is an imported field from our own apps so is unique to every Intercom customer. As far as I am aware you'll need to search for the ID under Users, then view their closed communications.


I'm not sure if they can add these imported fields in to the search or not but you could put a request in to the Product Wishlist group in these forums. (unless anyone else knows something I've missed)