Linking outbound phone calls to a conversation or back-office ticket

  • 9 October 2023
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We’ve tried using the Beta Phone calls but it didn’t solve our need. Here is our specific use-case:

  • We get a support ticket from a customer. The support ticket involves calling a third-party person
  • We want to be able to link a phone call to a third-party person to the conversation
  • We are happy to even create a back-office ticket, and in the back-office ticket if we had the ability to make an outbound call to a phone number that does not belong to the customer that opened a conversation.
    • Have the recorded phone call live in the back-office ticket

We are currently doing this in Zendesk where we manage our outbound phone calls and then try to manually link the call to a conversation. But this is time consuming and adds many steps.


We didn’t see this in any of the integrated phone apps as well. Please let us know if we missed something or if this is something someone has been able to achieve. 


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Hi there @pomsense !


Thanks for reaching out about that! Currently, this isn’t how our Outbound Calling feature works. The feature allows you to reach out to your end users via a call through the Messenger. I’m happy to flag this as a feature request for our product team to consider implementing in the future!

Have you checked out tools like AirCall from our App Store? I’m not sure about their app’s full capabilities, but I know a lot of our customers use that integration.