Best way to collect Customer Satisfaction?

  • 4 December 2023
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Hi, Im currently collecting customer satisfaction by querying all the individual conversations and making the calculation myself. It would be nice if there was direct access to pull the customer satisfaction report, but besides that the issue with pulling individual conversations is that if a users account is deleted their conversation is too, preventing me from getting perfectly accurate results. The question is, whats the best way for me to pull customer satisfaction then if i cant rely on pulling individual conversations?



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3 replies

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Hi @OllieDolan !

Are you trying to get a list of all the conversations and ratings for a specific teammate? You could pull a CSV file via the Data Export Report and then filter it for the information that you want. 


You could also use /conversations endpoint of our REST API to search for conversations that have received ratings. If you have the developer resources, you could even automate this process so it polls your conversations on a daily or weekly basis and stores that data on your end. That way if a conversation gets deleted due to the deletion of a User, you will still have that data stored.

Is there a way to collect just the ratings without searching conversations? Just wondering if matching the same CSAT that intercom shows is possible with the REST API without having to constantly  query and store the conversations in case a user is deleted?

Side note, in what cases would  a user be deleted and why does the conversation go with it? Would appreciate if this could be amended so I can still access the conversation as the rating and the context is still important if Intercom is going to include it in their CSAT report. Thank you for the help and your previous response

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Hi @OllieDolan !

Sorry for the delayed response! Your message slipped through it seems. A User is deleted when your team  Permanently Deletes them either via the Workspace or via the API. Conversations are associated with Users. So, if a User is deleted, so is the conversation. I can flag your desire to have the conversations remain as a Feature Request for our team to consider, though! I can see how that would be a nice option to have.

If you don’t want to search for conversations, you can subscribe to the conversation.rating.added Webhook and that will send you a notification every time a conversation gets a rating. Then you could store that information on your end. That doesn’t work for historic convos though. Only real-time conversations.