First seen field is populated when a creator is populated by API - nullable?

  • 17 August 2023
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Previously, User contacts were only created in Intercom when they first logged into our platform. Because of this, we could treat the First Seen field as a reliable indicator of the first time a user actually logged in. Knowing the time between “signed_up_at” (i.e. user provisioning) and “First Seen”(i.e. user login) is very useful.


We are making some changes which means we will pre-create users in Intercom via API when their accounts are provisioned. Users created via API have First Seen automatically populated as the time they are created in Intercom. 

Is there a way to null this field, or otherwise reset/overwrite/etc? I guessed at “first_seen_at” as the field name since it’s not listed in the docs. Anyone else have this issue or solved it a different way?


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Hey there @Aeron !

The “First seen” attribute is the same as the created_at attribute in the Contact Model in our REST API 

You aren’t able to update this value since that is the value when that User was created in Intercom. However, you CAN update the signed_up_at attribute to reflect when the User signed up for an account on your side of things! It sounds like that might be the attribute that you’re looking for.