How to receive webhooks with FIN replies

  • 30 January 2024
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Hello, I have an integration which listen for admin’s reply to the conversations. When admin sent reply the service receive conversation.admin.assigned webhook. When I assign chat to Fin, I see on that Fin sent a message to the chat, but I don’t see a related webhooks in the logs.

Is there dedicated topic for Fin replies?


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6 replies

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Hi @Andrii Fedyk ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

The only webhook topic available for Fin and automations is content_stat.custom_bot

This topic will include the following data in the payload 👇

- receipt
- goal_success
- reply
- completion

That being said, the content.stat topic doesn't function like conversation.admin.replied- in that every Fin reply won't be captured. Instead a general overview of the stats will be included. I'll go ahead and pass the ability to include Fin replies in the admin.replied topic as a feature request to the product team ✍️

Let me know if you any questions on that! 🙏

Hello Ebenezer, thanks you very much. Looking forward for the updates.


Is there any page with changelog to monitor for changes? Perhaps other way to get dev-related updates?

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Hi @Andrii Fedyk 

Whenever we do release new features, we announce them on the Product Changes page, so I would recommend keeping an eye there. 👀

​Hello 👋

After publishing the Telegram app on the Intercom App Store, we received a few reports about missing support for FIN. We understand that FIN brings a lot of value for businesses, but our channel can’t support it well without a webhook with FIN replies.


@Ebenezer.Laleye, may you ask the team to revise a priority about webhook for FIN? Without FIN support, the conversations do not work properly, and we have no workaround for businesses 🙏

@Andrii Fedyk +1 on this feature request. Our integration is being severely limited by the lack of webhooks for FIN messages.

We’re also looking forward to start using this app. Yet without abovementioned fix we won’t be able to 😓