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  • 21 October 2022
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I'm creating a user in the api and filling in the phone field. I Want fill a field "WhatsApp Number" 

How I do that? 


there is nothing in the documentation


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Hey @eduardo l​! Oséas here from the Customer Support Specialist team 🕵️


The attribute you have to fill in for WhatsApp outbound is "Phone". We use the "Phone" field to send WhatsApp messages. The format ideally should be the E.164 standard (e.g. +44123412342). For additional context, the “WhatsApp number” attribute gets filled automatically when you receive a WhatsApp message from a user, but it cannot be edited from the UI.


Hope that helps!

@Oseas  This just be kidding with me. I have a really big problem, all my customers already have the phone field filled but every time someone comes by a new chat with a whatsapp a new lead is created and not merged with the contact. How to solve it?

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Hi @Matheus Lutz 👋 To prevent new leads from being created for each incoming WhatsApp chat and instead merge them with existing contacts, you need to adjust your WhatsApp integration settings. Currently, your workspace is set to always treat incoming messages as new leads. Change this setting to identify existing users by their phone number. This will look up existing users or leads with the same phone number in the "phone" attribute and use the latest contact found, or create a new lead if none are found. Further messages from that number will be assigned to the same user/lead. You can update this setting in your WhatsApp app settings page. Keep in mind that if you change the email address of a WhatsApp lead to the same email address of an existing user, that lead will be merged into the user record.

If their WhatsApp number matches a phone number in another user’s data, they will be automatically merged. It will only merge automatically if you have enabled the option in the "Identify existing users" section of the WhatsApp settings. By default it's disabled and we create a new lead. If you have duplicate contacts, this will apply to the most recently active.

You can also merge a WhatsApp created lead and an existing user in your workspace by using our REST API.

You'll find more on this in this article from our Help Center ⬇️

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