Configure an Oauth App's Canvas Kit Messenger Webhook URL dynamically

  • 15 October 2021
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We have created an intercom Oauth app ( and is working well so far, but we have now introduced a new region of servers (EU) which have a different domain instead of, however in the Intercom app settings (Canvas Kit > Messenger) it only allows for one flow of URLs, where we already have


Is there a way to add a new flow of URLs ( or perhaps make the domain dynamic so to write the URLs like "{host}/api/v1/intercom/initialize"?


Or should we just create a new Intercom app altogether, this one seems weird to me, as we'd have multiple apps listed in the store differing only on which region they are for.


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2 replies

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Hey @eduardo m​, apologies for the delay in my reply here! Right now, you'd need to create a new app, as adding a new flow of URLs isn't a feature that we have currently. I'd be happy to flag this as a feature request in our @Product Wishlist​ group for you.

@Eduardo M did you find a way to achieve what you want? I’m in the same situation :)