How to open workflow whit api service

  • 24 October 2023
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Hi, I would like to know if there is within your api services which allows to open a workflow after a click event. We need to be able to open a workflow after a click without the need to make the connection with Customer clicks to website element and open a new conversation. This is thinking of a mobile application.



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3 replies

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Hi @Andrés C. !

If you want to trigger a workflow via an Event such as a customer click you can do so by creating a Workflow with a ‘Customer visits a page’ trigger and setting it up to send with a ‘When to Send’ trigger of your chosen Event. For example, in the Workflow below I have it set up to only send on iOS and Android channels when my custom ‘Event click’ event gets triggered.

You’ll need to set your mobile app up to make that Event call when the User clicks on the specific button. You can read up on how to make Event calls on iOS, here, and Android, here.

Hi Jacob Cox, there is currently an issue with event triggered “customer visits a page” workflows where workflows are not automatically popping up for users once they complete the action the event is triggered off of, which is the expected behavior. Users have to hard refresh their page in order for the workflow to show. Is there any update from engineering on when this can be fixed / whether it’s a quick fix? 

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Hi @Ghadah El-Shimy !

My apologies, your message seemed to slip past us!

I know you are working with our Support team regarding an issue with API-triggered Events not popping up the “Customer Visits a page” workflow automatically. For anyone else who might be running into this issue, the workaround for now would be to use our JavaScript ‘trackEvent’ method for triggering Events instead of the REST API, if possible. This should automatically pop open the Workflow.