Running Intercom next to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice or OmniChannel

  • 24 June 2022
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Hi all :-) 

Is there anybody out there who is running Intercom next to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice or OmniChannel?

Thanks in advance ;-)


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6 replies

Hey @holger​ ! Could you please elaborate a bit more on your issue/use case?


Good Morning @aparna​ 

We are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in our company (mostly for our sales people). Now we want also to connect our support team on the one side and on the other side we want to bring product management and UX people "closer" to the user. The latter should be solved by using the Intercom for Engagement platform. For our support team it is more likely to stick to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice because of its possibilities for ticketing and the access to our existing customer database.

As I assume that we won't be "allowed" to use Intercom also for our support team, I am thinking of a combination of both "worlds", without having the customer data doubled. So an app integration via Zapier or Automate could be helpful as I was told by your colleagues. But perhaps there are other possibilities without the need to integrate a further service or some best practices you might know from people within the community who had a similar setting in their company.

It would be great to get your thoughts about that :-)

Hey @holger​ ! Thank you so much for the deatils. As suggested by the support team integrating using Zapier or automate would be the possible option. The have an article here on how to integrate them both. Is there any specific reason why your support team wouldn't be able to use Intercom?


Good Morning. Thank you very much. The description on looks very promising. I will check this and also I will raise the suggestion to use the Intercom support solution and not Dynamics.

@holger​ Thank you!

Exploring the synergy between Intercom and microsoft dynamics 365 services like Customer Voice or OmniChannel is an intriguing endeavor that showcases the flexibility and integration capabilities of Dynamics 365. This combination could offer a comprehensive view of customer interactions across multiple channels, enhancing customer engagement and service efficiency. Dynamics 365's robust analytics and automation tools, coupled with Intercom's conversational marketing and support platform, could empower organizations to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. It would be fascinating to hear from anyone leveraging both platforms to understand the practical benefits and challenges encountered. Such insights could significantly contribute to optimizing customer relationship management strategies.