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  • 25 September 2023
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Hi everyone,

We redirected from Zendesk today but noticed the URL isn’t redirecting to  and showing an error


if you see the end of the URL, Zendesk appends all its URLs with /hc/en-us but that doesn't seem to exist in intercom for their english language version of the help center


Any ideas what has gone wrong?


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6 replies

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Hey there @Murat Mutlu !

It looks like you chatted with my teammate, Racheal, about this via our Support Channel and she got you squared away.

It looks like the reason for the issue was because you had duplicates of some articles and you accidentally deleted the ones that had the redirects associated with them. Easy mistake to make! Glad to hear you’re all good now.

@Jacob Cox ,


I faced a similar occurrence. How can I also make this fix to auto-generate the redirects?


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You’ll need to give me more details around the issue that you’re running into. Send those along when you have a moment.

Hey @Jacob Cox I’m speaking with @Racheal through chat support and I’m trying to understand why redirects aren’t flowing from old zendesk articles to new intercom articles. She had mentioned that it may be because the custom domain isn’t matching, but we had previously synced from intercom using our zendesk support domain and the redirects populated. The second sync did not however. 

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Hey there @Tommy Sardo !

Glad to hear Racheal is taking care of you. It’s best for you to continue working with her to get this straightened out.

 I took a look through your conversation with her and can confirm for anyone else that might be running into this issue that the problem seems to be with the custom domain you have set up in Intercom not matching the domain of the articles that you were hosting in Zendesk. Those need to match in order for the redirect to work.

@jacob cox We’re stuck on the last step of migrating from Zendesk and could use some help.

We used the migrate from Zendesk tool and imported all our articles over to Intercom successfully. When we flipped to the new domain, everything was working except for the links in our product. 

The links in our product are simple ones: but when you click on it, what appears in your browser has a lot of characters after it. 

Those links are the only ones that aren’t redirecting as intended. 
The person at my company said that we need to wild card all our query parameters so that anything with that front part ( will redirect. We tried adding a “*” at the end in the redirect but it’s not working. 

I have been speaking with Mat from your team and he suggested that we sync our articles with Zendesk which I don’t think is the way to go. We sent a detailed loom as well and are just not getting answers very quickly so I thought I would try the community. Has anyone else run into this issue?