• 7 March 2024
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Hello everyone!

Does anyone know if there's any possibility of creating a CSAT for bots? Just like we want to measure customer satisfaction in conversations with humans, we'd like to gauge the satisfaction of our customers with our bots. In addition to having metrics that, more or less, give us an overview, we really would like users to rate the bot.

Thank you!


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2 replies

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Hi @NicolasPerez -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here!

At present there aren’t any ways for end-users to provide CSAT type ratings for individual Workflows, but it is possible to create and show a CSAT survey to end-users for them to rate their interaction with Fin (our AI chatbot). Details and setup instructions for this can be found in this article! Would that be along the lines of what you’re after?

Give this capability a try and let me know how you go 😁

Hi @NicolasPerez

You can measure Chatbot CSAT now! We just released an update last week and you can read the Help Article here:

Give this a try and let me know how you get on 😁