Capture feature requests and allow logged in users to upvote for roadmap prioritization.

  • 20 April 2023
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Has anyone implemented a viable feature request and voting system with Intercom?  Or can suggest a third party integration that can leverage the Intercom user (so they don’t have to log in again etc.). Seems like you need to have real users to avoid spam / rigging votings, so why not leverage Intercom?

In short - instead of a survey at the end, I was considering adding the option to start a feature request / or if they hit an article that says the feature is not supported - have an action / link to the known feature request so they can +1 / comment.


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3 replies

Adding @Nathan Sudds @Milan @Kevin Bendixen in case they can advise something on that 👍

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@Bob B  I think this could be a great idea, in the past with one team we used the Userfeed integration for Intercom -- it was quite good because you could tag conversations to crate a vote and you could choose to make it public or keep it private to just the team while still tracking this information. 

ProductBoard also has an integration, I set this up for a team previously as well and would be curious to see if they have developed that further from the public side of things it felt like it was limited but the internal team features were quite robust for capturing nuance and priorities etc. 

Both of these were a little while back so I’d probably want to evaluate current options to weigh them out before recommending something especially taking all your goals in mind.  Happy to jump on a call to talk about it, if that would be helpful. 

Are you currently tagging feature requests in some way via Intercom?  With Userfeed one thing I liked is that the tags were connected to the Userfeed requests so when you felt like a conversation was requesting something similar you could tag it and it would be connected to the votes on Userfeed as well.  Ideally the solution would allow users to submit the requests but also your support team to connect them to the requests so when the status changes you can automate notifications out to them etc. 


Hope this helps!

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@Bob B We didn’t end up using this feature, but I had a test using Beamer for this. We also use it for our public release notes. Or if you have one, you could use a forum similar to this one to capture customer requests.