Our software company supports 3 different Products - I can't see a way to set up our custom and resolution bot flows to only show the appropriate product related answers without asking what product they're asking about in every resolution bot answer.

  • 7 February 2023
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Our software company supports 3 different Products. We have a custom bot to initially ask what Product the customer is querying about that day, and then it kicks into resolution bot to try and provide answers before being passed to a human. The problem is, resolution bot doesn't know what they answered in the initial chat flow, so it can't customise. I can't see how to customise which answers are shown without asking which product they're querying about every time.


I can't set up multiple resolution bots (which would be the most ideal in my brain). How do other companies do this? Can I get some ideas on how you try and automate basic customer support through intercom bots when you have multiple products you're supporting?


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Hey @rebecca b​! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


In truth, the best way to manage this would be with multiple workspaces, since you are managing three different customer bases. Trying to manage three unique sets of users from one view/container can get a little messy. However, one way to to achieve this would be to tag your users based on the product they buy/sign up for (so you'll need to create 3 tags), or maybe create an event for each upon signup. That way you can add a rule "if user tag is product1" or "if triggered event count 'product1' > 0" to target those specific users. I also recommend checking the user's current URL, if your Messenger is installed on multiple sites.


Hope this helps 🙌


We struggle with the same thing!  It is frustrating that resolution bot can’t see conversation data, but custom bots can’t set people data.  

Also, if they have more than one product, you don’t want it to remember the product they chose last time, so a people tag won’t work.

But, try this:  

Create a list style people attribute for your Product type

then, in your custom bot, use the “Collect Data” to have the user select the product type from the list in the bot (by choosing the people data field you just selected).

Now that you have a people data field set at the beginning of this chat,  you should be able to use that field for segmenting all of your resolution bot answers.

you may consider “resetting” this field back to blank by sending it without a value every time someone logs in, just to ensure it gets reset from a previous session, if that is a concern to you.


I hope that someday very soon, resolution bot can be updated to see conversation data, and/or that custom bot can set people data to resolve this.

In the mean-time, I hope this works.