Set up auto message to users haven't KYC'ed yet

How can I set up an auto message to a user who hasn't KYC'ed on my platform yet?


Best answer by Nathan Sudds 26 May 2023, 06:45

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@anooo Are you tracking any custom attributes or events yet with Intercom? If you are, then you could setup some rules to trigger the message/reminder to follow through with the KYC/Onboarding etc.  

How do you currently track if the KYC is completed? If you have the Intercom code already installed on your site then you could add an attribute to track or you can use something like Zapier or Make to pass that data to Intercom when it happens via whatever method you are using i.e. Typeform, custom api webhook, etc. 

More info on targeting or triggering based on events and rules etc. 

Hope this helps

Thanks for the help, Nathan.

So does it mean we are able to identify a non KYC user when they contact us through intercom? Then we can set up rules to trigger auto-message.

Is this something need tech effort?

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@anooo To provide more help with this, I’d probably need to understand more about your KYC process and where that information is being stored within your app but the short answer is yes if you follow some of the information above you should be able to pass the correct info to Intercom to identify a non KYC user and trigger auto messages.  Feel free to follow up with a comment here, reach out in direct message or book a time with me here on my calendar to discuss it further. 

For example, the need for tech effort would depend one what tools you are using to track your KYC within the app and if you are able to use no-code tools to connect to those tools like Zapier, Make, Pipedream, etc or if there’s a 3rd party app in the Intercom App Store that would pass that information directly.  Some apps will add custom attributes for you and sync the data to the user’s Intercom profile. 

If you can share more about your tech stack then it would be no problem to give you some next steps and assess whether it will need tech effort.  Happy to help with this!