OpenAI Data Sharing

  • 29 March 2023
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I’d love to hear from other Support teams that are using GPT (Fin, AI Assist, etc.) on how they are obtaining consent from their customers about passing their data to OpenAI. 


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2 replies

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Being from Germany, user consent and GDPR doubts have been one of the main reasons why we are not using AI for our support teams.

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Hello @Mo Hoq 

I haven’t seen a solution in practice but what I would do if it is up to me are some of the following ideas:

  1. Set a Special notice message on chat that will have disclaimer that, by using the chat, you consent to share your chat to OpenAI (or however it works, if that is the case). I understand that this is not a hard consent like having a checkbox where they need to opt in, but at least it is something. 
  2. I would create an app in Intercom to collect the hard consent on this, that would be added on top of Intercom home screen and that on consent saves customer attribute ie. AIconsent = true for those who accept. Then I would enable chat only to those who have this true (by using Control inbound conversation volume setting). It’s more complicated but it is a hard consent. 

I could probably come up with some more ideas, I have some more that I’m thinking about but I need to check the new Fin settings…