Leveraging FIN for Analyzing Large Sets of Emails That Aren't in Intercom

  • 5 April 2024
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I am lucky enough to be sitting on a lot of emails around 100,000 from conversations that we have had through email. My main goal is to figure out how we've been solving our customers' problems. I’m thinking about using FIN to help make sense of all this data and hopefully teach it to understand how we resolve different issues so that it can make suggestions and learn.

I am wondering if anyone has attempted to feed FIN conversations and how that has worked out or if there is a better way of doing this. I may just take the previous year’s worth of emails and attempt to upload as a PDF. I know this data is useful.

I have been looking for a way to import the conversations into Intercom but it does not seem possible. If anyone has been in this situation before I would love to hear how you tackled it.

I’m really open to suggestions on how to pull this off or if there’s a better way I haven’t thought of.




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Hey @thisisntjon,


There isn't an option to import historical emails to Intercom as conversations. However, you can consider using the Intercom API to create conversations with the emails you have. Please note, the conversations would be created as new conversations in this case. There is no option to create conversations with a previous timestamp. So any conversation you create by using API will land on your Intercom workspace as a new conversation.


Due to the above reason, if that is not suitable for your use-case, then the best option would be to upload the resource as PDF like you also mentioned. 👍