Using Apply rules step in custom bots to tag conversations based on specific keywords

  • 6 April 2023
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Hello Intercom community,


Pavel here, Engineering manager from Automation group here at Intercom. 


We recently shipped the “Apply rules” step to our Custom bots. This step is essentially a “case” statement that allows to apply multiple sets of actions based on specific conditions for each set.

What I wanted to share in this post is how well this step handles a very popular use case of tagging conversations based on keywords.

Before this release you could do it only in Inbox Rules, and you had to create a rule per each keyword. Now you can do the same work in custom bots using just one bot.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Go to custom bots and find “After a customer sends any message trigger”



  1. Add the “Apply rules” step​



  1. Set up keywords/tags pairs



  1. Set your bot live!


Hope it helps!




3 replies

Hi Pavel. 

quick question: i am trying the Apply Rules feature in my custom bot but i’m at a dead end. The rules that I am trying to do is simple:

the custom bot will answer users that dont want to go to their shift.

if the user has rating below 2 then custom bot will say “you will be deactivated” 

else if the user has rating above 2 then custom bot will say “sorry to hear about that”


however, this is what i got:
it showed both conditional statement.


here’s what my custom bot look like:


 my bad, that was the wrong screenshot. this is the correct custom bot set up:




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Hi Leo, second screenshot that you shared looks right for your use case.