Using Apply rules step in Workflows to tag conversations based on specific keywords

  • 6 April 2023
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Hello Intercom community,


Pavel here, Engineering manager from Automation group at Intercom. 


We recently shipped the “Apply rules” step to our Workflows. This step is essentially a “case” statement that allows to apply multiple sets of actions based on specific conditions for each set.

What I wanted to share in this post is how well this step handles a very popular use case of tagging conversations based on keywords.

Before this release you could do it only using rules, and you had to create a rule per each keyword. Now you can do the same work in Workflows using just one Workflow.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Go to Workflows and find “After a customer sends any message trigger”



  1. Add the “Apply rules” step​



  1. Set up keywords/tags pairs



  1. Set your Workflow live!


Hope it helps!




4 replies

Hi Pavel. 

quick question: i am trying the Apply Rules feature in my custom bot but i’m at a dead end. The rules that I am trying to do is simple:

the custom bot will answer users that dont want to go to their shift.

if the user has rating below 2 then custom bot will say “you will be deactivated” 

else if the user has rating above 2 then custom bot will say “sorry to hear about that”


however, this is what i got:
it showed both conditional statement.


here’s what my custom bot look like:


 my bad, that was the wrong screenshot. this is the correct custom bot set up:




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Hi Leo, second screenshot that you shared looks right for your use case.

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@Pavel Kozlov Would this replace the “topics” functionality in Intercom? What would be use cases to choose this to tag vs. just using topics?


We have been having trouble with topics so if this would work better then I can make the switch, but then just curious what the point of topics is.