Can I send push notifications through Intercom's API?

  • 18 September 2020
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When sending an in-app message through the API, can I also send a push notification?


Best answer by Eric Fitz 17 June 2021, 10:53

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It's not currently possible to send push notifications through Intercom's API.

Hello @eric f11​ 


Are you working on this feature for an upcoming release? I am trying to determine how to use Intercom to send a push notification to the user when a product is back in stock.

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Hey @shane b​, this isn't something which is currently scoped for a future version of our API. Would you be looking to target this message to a specific segment of users, or to all users?


If it's to a specific segment, how do you identify this segment in Intercom?


I'm looking for a way to send push notification from the PHP SDK or API.

Is this still have a feature not available ? Any workaround possible ?

Thank you.

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Hey @loïc p​, this is not something that we currently support. The only way to send push notifications would be through our mobile SDKs.

This is also something that I'd like to implement. Sure we can send automated messages when someone meets a criteria, but if they continue to meet that criteria we'd like to continue to send messages - Currently intercom only sends messages once: the first time they meet certain criteria.

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Hey @cory m12​, transactional messages of all types (messages that send more than once) have been a very common feature request. I saw lots of them in my time on our Support team and it's a feature I'd love to see introduced.

Any update on this? I'd love intercom to be the go-to for all of our in-app messaging. Without transactional emails/push notifications - I'm tempted to use another platform - to keep all our messaging in one place.

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Hey @cory m11​, you can now send Push notifications through the Intercom UI based on user events, which will allow you to send transactional push messages. You can read more about this here.


We are currently beta testing this for emails and plan to release it generally!

beautiful!!! I didn't realize that was possible. I was stumped for a while until I read "Important: Metadata may take 24 hours after it is first tracked to appear as an option in the message composer." But in the meantime I was able to get push notifications working based on an event sent from the backend 🎉 - once I have the event metadata this will be golden. Also looking forward to using events for sending messages as well! For now I'm using the api to send transactional emails.

I believe is time for Intercom to add the feature to allow us to send push notifications through Intercom's API, without it we are forced to provide all events and create all push notification flows inside Intercom, forcing the development/product team to create unnecessary load to marketing and operation teams that have the knowledge and use Intercom on the day-to-day.

looking forward to sending messages through events as well! I'm currently sending transactional emails utilising the api.