Subject Lines on Macros

  • 15 June 2024
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Is there a way to create a “subject line” for macros? Seems only the email body can be created so I wanted to see if anyone knew if that was possible. 

Thank you so much, appreciate the help.



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Hey @Kelley Pembroke 👋  Currently, it is not possible to set a subject line for a macro within Intercom. Macros can only populate the body of the message, not the subject line.

However, you can consider a couple of workarounds. One option is to use a text expansion tool to save shortcuts for frequently used text, which can then be quickly inserted into the subject line. Another workaround is to include the desired subject line at the very start of the macro's body text, so you can copy and paste it into the subject line manually and then remove it from the body of the message before sending. 

Marcos for subject lines would be pretty handy,  so I'll happily share this with our Product Team! I would recommend keeping an eye on New at Intercom for product releases and updates like this ✨ 🚀

Thank you, Bernice, I appreciate you.