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  • 17 June 2024
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I’ve set up an email collector in a Proactive Support message to invite site visitors to sign up for our newsletter.

This works, but all it does is send a message to my inbox with each user’s email address.

How can I set up automation to populate the email address into my external Ghost blog as a new subscriber, and not have the message appear in my inbox at all?

We already use Make (Integromat) which I figure can be used to orchestrate this integration?

I’m just not sure how to trigger a Make scenario each time the email colector captures a new address in Intercom


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Hi Richard Foxworthy, It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

This is quite  good question. 
You can either leverage our workflow for qualifying leads, as described in this article.

Alternatively, you can send this email as an API request update a contact in Intercom.

I believe you can use Make or Zapier to achieve such automation but the easiest way would be to embed this code in the form that you already have on your website.

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Thanks for reply @mateusz.leszkiewicz , but I think maybe you may have misunderstood my scenario, or maybe I have misunderstood your answer!

I’m not collecting email addresses from a website form.

I have enabled an Intercom ‘Proactive Support’ flow, encouraging my website visitors to signup for our newsletter, which is managed via

This Proactive Support flow includes an Email Collector reply type, which successfully collects user’s email addresses, and writes a message to my Inbox each time, such as: 

<username> entered "<username>" for "Email"

So I have my inbox filling up with these messages.

I want to set up automation via Zapier, Stripe, or webhook, or whatever, to write these new subscriber email addresses to my external Ghost blog site.

I cannot find a way to do this! And I cannot even find a way to tag these new leads as Newsletter signup requestors.

Could you please provide a bit more detailed info on how to approach this? Thanks in advance