How to increase timeout value?

  • 9 December 2020
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When i call submit webhook url, it takes time for good reasons (It does some other API calls), i get following error. How to increase the timeout value of the submit webhook?


{"support_url":null,"error_code":"third_party_server_timeout","message":"Third party server timed out when making request"}


Best answer by Alexandra P 9 December 2020, 16:57

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5 replies

Hey @rajabdeen​ 


You can't change Intercom's timeout limit, however, if I'm not mistaken that error suggests that your server is the one that timed out.


Is it possible that there is some type of unhandled exception or that the server is not returning a response?

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@alexandra p​  I have put some logs,,, if something goes wrong, it has to be printed. But i will check it. Thanks.

@rajabdeen​ You can use something like Postman to test out the call and even see the response time.

Is this the case still? Can timeout be configured in app?

I’d also like to know this. I want to create inbox app, but the submit request will take more than 15 seconds. It seems that Intercom timeouts in between and there’s no way for me to update the canvas again without the user clicking on an object initiating new request.