Issue with receiving push notification in android.

  • 10 January 2022
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We are using expo notification package for push notification in our project. When we add the intercom react native push notification android code changes that are provided in the documentation we are getting intercom notification but our existing push notification are not coming. Is there any way to use both. Kindly suggest us. Thanks in advance


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5 replies

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Hey @sivakumar​, when you say "our existing push notification" do you mean outbound push notifications that you are sending to your customers?

These are push notification that are not related to Intercom.

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OK, just so I understand, your issue is that installing Intercom caused push notifications in your other system to stop working?

Yes you’re right, after adding the below code in android as mentioned in the intercom documentation.


<!-- Add xmlns:tools to manifest. See example below-->










<!-- START: Add this-->




<action android:name=""/>








<!-- END: Add this-->




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Apologies for the delay in my response @sivakumar​. I'd recommend that you contact our Support Engineers directly about this via the Messenger in your Intercom workspace.