my app rejected from google because "Intent Redirection" and I found this issue in the intercom Library

 this is the email from google


your app contains an Intent Redirection issue which can allow malicious apps to access private app components or files.


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Hi @فريق​ - Would I be right in assuming that this is in a React Native project? If so, we've come across this before and it looks to be related to the React Native wrapper rather than an issue with the Android SDK. There's an open issue for it in the repo, assuming you're using the Tiny Creative wrapper, which contains solution steps in the comments:>


If you're not using React Native, let me know and we can dig into it further.

Hi @Mathew Cropper​ 

no, my app is android native

Hmm. I'm sorry about that! We'll need to dig into this a little. I'll reach out to you from Intercom by email to follow up, and in the meantime I've made the team aware of the problem 👍

Having the same issue.

Thanks for letting us know @goran d​. I'll reach out to you directly via Intercom 👍

Tnx. My issue is the same. But with the app already published, not rejected to publish. Issue is with the update PlayStore approved but gave me a deadline to fix (16th February) and submit new update... or I guess they will unpublish it.


Did try with the update to the newest version of the Intercom lib... but issue remains even with the newest version, and PlayStore support (ansewer to direct email) says it's still issue.


Hope you'll reach out soon.

I would hate to have Intecom removed from the app, our support team really needs it. Thanks

I've dropped you an email asking for a few details to help us. Thanks!

Just circling back on this for folks who may have been following along. We weren't able to identify any issues with the Android SDK. The issues were resolved for customers I spoke with by reviewing their manifest file.


For the folks I was able to chat with, they all had something like the following in their manifest:





tools:replace="android:exported" />


The android:exported="true" line is what was causing the problem. Removing it fixed the issue, and apps were successfully resubmitted to the Play Store.

thank you very much.

the solution is working and our app in the store now but the notifications didn't work how can we fix it?


We are an eCommerce platform and our merchants use the intercom library to contact their customers, This problem will affect our merchants

The number of clients that I'm talking about is over 5000


Hmm. That change shouldn't affect push notifications in any way. As a first step, I'd recommend going through each of the steps in our push notifications documentation to ensure your configuration and implementation don't have any issues.