Using React Native Intercom, is it possible to use Posts, but handle it in the mobile app to trigger a custom flow ?

We'd like to trigger a custom "rating feedback" in our mobile app. We have some specific need for the flow and the component, so we need to develop it custom.


However when it comes to setup a campaign and automation, using our users data, Intercom is the best !


So we were wondering if there were anyway we could setup a Campaign (e.g Posts ? Banners ? Tours), but instead of displaying the Intercom interface or elements, instead catch an event to be able to display our own flow ?


It could ressemble something like:

React.useEffect(() => {
const customPostsListener = Intercom.addEventListener(
(response) => {
return () => {
}, []);

(well we'd also probably need some way of knowing if the users received the post while the app is offline, like a `Intercom.getPendingCustomPosts()`)


This would be awesome since we could leverage the Intercom Dashboard to control some custom flow our app 🤩


Is there any way to achieve something similar today ? Is it something you'd consider implementing sometime ?


Thanks in advance for the informations !


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Hey @user1266​! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


It sounds like you've already developed your own custom post messages, so I'm unsure why you would need Intercom to send a post message to the user without actually showing it. Can I ask, why is there a need for Outbound content to be sent from Intercom to trigger your workflow? Is it not possible to trigger it manually through your own code, or is it that you want the user to interact with an Intercom element before your custom content gets triggered? If it is the latter case, you could set up Event tracking in Intercom so that Intercom tracks when users interact with certain elements of your site, and you could then use the event.created webhook to track when these events are triggered. Please let me know if I've misunderstood what you want to achieve here 🙂

Hey Daniel ! Sorry for the delay of my answer..


The reason we were thinking of using Intercom, is to benefit from its interface to setup a trigger. Today our PM and designer can set campaign, define who should receive it and when, thanks to ease of your interface, and the user info gathered.


Take the flow shown in the screen shot attached. we can set rules, goal and frequency. All things we would love to leverage, but to trigger our custom "Content" instead of the one define through Intercom.


The idea is to be able to setup a similar Campaign, but instead of triggering the Content defined in Intercom, simply hook onto Intercom, and when Intercom campaign should trigger, get informed, and show our own Tour/Screen/Content.


Is it clearer ? Does my request make sens ?


Thanks for you help and information !