Why can I not see variables in the debug area of Xcode on version 8.0 of the iOS SDK?

  • 26 October 2020
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I’m using the SDK 8.0 on iOS (Swift)

But as soon as I import the SDK, I don’t see any variable anymore in the debug area of Xcode. It’s empty.

When I type the po command in the debugger, the variables are not printed.

Can you help please?


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8 replies

Hey @user413​ 👋


I've reached out to our Mobile Team about this and they've asked me to open up a bug report on this. I'll get on to that shortly and I'll get back to you once I've an update for you!


Does that sound good?

Thanks! Let me know!

Any update on this issue? Thanks

Hey @user413​ 👋


Could I please gather a little more information from you on this to add to the issue. How did you integrate our SDK? Was it directly, via Cocoapods or via Carthage?


Screenshots or a video would also help. Or ideally if you would produce a small demo project showing how integrating Intercom impacts debugging, while it is not impacted when Intercom is commented out / removed.


Thank you!

I added the SDK manually and I obviously followed your documentation.

Here are 2 screenshots. The only difference is the commenting/uncommenting of the import Intercom framework.

As you can see, when I import the SDK, I can't access the local variables anymore in the bottom panel and console. It's just empty.

When I don't import it, I can normally access all the local variables and I can type "po bla bla" in the console to inspect the variables.


Without #import IntercomScreenshot 2020-11-10 at 15.26.39With #import Intercom

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 15.26.04

Thanks so much, I will relay this back to the team now and contact you once there's any update, appreciate your patience here 👍

@user413​ Any news? this is unacceptable to be fair. It's been several days we haven't been able to debug our project, and use the console at all!

On our side, the update was made together with other updates, so we also wasted hours to understand what could have been the reason behind the console not working. We do need a fix as soon as possible.

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Hey @user413​, @valerio​.


Firstly, I want to thank you both for your patience here, it's much appreciated.


Secondly, I'm happy to confirm that we shipped a fix for this issue today 🙌


Please let me know if it's now showing as expected!