Retrieving NPS survey data

I have successfully established connection among Intercom -> Segment -> Redshift iterations.
Our team does have NPS survey data on the Intercom and I could see the NPS score data on the redshift server.
Is there anyway I can retrieve the timeframe data when the users leave NPS feedback on Intercom? I could find timeframe when users joined and logged-in, but could not find when they left their NPS score.
I am not sure if I have to contact Intercom or Segment, sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to ask questions.
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From Intercom website this is how it looks. I want that “Date responded” on my Redshift server


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Hi @Sibi Support !


You can access the date that a response was given to an Intercom Survey a few different ways!

If you’re looking for historical data around Surveys that were responded to in the past (2 options):

  1. Export a zip of CSV files of your full messaging data from your Customer Engagement Overview Report. 
  2. Use the Data Export endpoint of our REST API to automate the retrieval of the zip folder of your messaging data

If you’re looking to automate the retrieval of this information as it arrives:

  1. Subscribe to our content_stat.survey Webhook to get sent a Webhook every time a User completes a Survey and send the desired information over to Segment and or Redshift.

It might be possible that Segment is storing this information as well. If so, you’ll want to reach out to their team to see how to access that. 👍

Hey @Jacob Cox, sorry to necro this post. The linked Data Export content looks to have moved; but hoping it was essentially this & we can still use the endpoint to retrieve a similar zip of messages data?

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Hi @Tom Slade !

You are correct! We changed the hosting of our API docs last year, so you are now using the correct link!