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  • 10 February 2024
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When we search a customers unique order number in Intercom, we would expect to see a list of all conversations, tickets, side conversations where this number appeared.

However, when you search in Intercom it will often not show information that lives only in the right side details panel/conversation attributes, or in certain fields the agent has filled out inside a ticket, or that the customer has entered with the bot/conversation events.

Can you help us understand why it works this way?

Our former CRM had no issues searching ticket/ conversation history and it would be easy for agents to double check all points of contact that had mentioned a key word, order number, etc. 

 There is an additional search filter to toggle for Order Number, but this also doesn’t find all the locations of this order number, and is multiple clicks, slowing agents down who are already multi tasking.

At present we’ve found searching has become such an unpredictable function that agents no longer feel confident in the results being comprehensive and stop searching all together. This has resulted in frequent double work where multiple agents have assisted with requests regarding a single order. 


Do you have any suggestions or workarounds?


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2 replies

Sorry to pile on, additionally, when you search an email, if the email part of a Side Conversation it does not show up in a search.

Hey @ChelseaAZ 👋 Thanks for sharing your question and feedback here!

It’s not currently possible to search for Side Conversations using the Search function. I’ll definitely flag for you as a feature request for our team. ✅

I find that using quotation marks to search a term or number (i.e. 1234) tends to return more specific results. You may have already given this a go but just wanted to flag anyway!

If you’re searching conversations based on a specific attribute, I’d recommend using the attribute filter. You can also go to a User profile via the Contacts page to find all the conversations associated with a specific User. 

Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us!