Having trouble with custom object / conversation reference.

  • 14 April 2023
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I have a custom action that fetches customer orders from our API (works fine). It stores the response data in a custom object called “order”. (Works fine). When I build a very simple custom bot to fetch the customer orders and present them with choices of orders to select, and to store their order selection, I can’t see anything in the “Save selection to...” button no matter what I do. It always opens a pop-up that says “To make a selected item accessible afterwards, link the Conversation to a Custom object” and gives a link to the conversation-data settings page.

If anyone can tell me what I’m missing here, I would really appreciate it. I have a customer custom object for identifying the customer by email, but I’m ignoring that for now. I’ve created references from the “order” custom object to conversation, people, and my customer object. I’ve created reference attributes in conversation data to the “order” custom object. 

I think I’m just not getting something about the relationships. Intercom’s help just keeps sending me to a doc explaining the difference among 1:1, 1:many, and many:many relationships.

Thank you in advance!


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Hey @Chris McHugh Racheal from support here 👋

I took a quick look at your Custom Action/Object and Bot and it looks like you may have got this working already. If not, happy to pass you over to our support team to take a better look!