Multi-brand workflows - based on Conversation Attribute

I’m struggling to find a way to base a workflow on the brand in a multi-brand workspace. I can see the Conversation Attribute “Brand” differentiates but it’s not showing as an option to base a workflow on. 

Has anyone managed to do this without referencing URLs or am I missing something obvious here?


Best answer by Joseph G11 28 May 2024, 14:54

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 To create multi-brand workflows based on conversation attributes, leverage platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, declutter digital photos or HubSpot. Configure workflows to trigger actions based on specific conversation tags or customer attributes. This allows tailored responses and automated processes for different brands under one system, enhancing efficiency and personalization. Integrate with CRM systems to streamline operations and ensure accurate data handling across multiple brands.    

Thanks @catherinejohn but I’m trying to create a workflow within Intercom. 


Hey Dan Kavanagh!

Joseph here, it’s currently not possible to target the “Brand” conversation attribute. This is a limitation with the “Brand” attribute itself. So the workaround that you’ve already discovered would be the best route to go here! 

I’ve passed on feedback before that our customers would like to see the ability to target and use the “Brand” attribute more dynamically so I’ll do that again for this post 👍