Pull Salesforce data into conversion?

  • 14 June 2023
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Hi - we offer a free tool that assigns a unique download URL for the prospect that stores in a field in Salesforce. I’d like to be able to match the lead in the chat by email and then pull their download URL for them from their record in Salesforce. What’s the best way to achieve this? We have the field syncing from Salesforce to Intercom currently but not sure how to pull the information into the conversation once they provide their email. TIA!


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Hi @Jina Watson !

When you say that you already have the field syncing from Salesforce to Intercom, I assume your doing this with our Salesforce integration that can be downloaded from our App Store? If so, then it sounds like you should already be mapping that Salesforce attribute to a Custom Attribute on the customer’s Intercom account, like I’m showing in the screenshot below.

You’ll need to make sure that this Intercom contact is synced with a person in Salesforce. The integration will automatically sync Intercom contacts with people in SFDC upon the initial install, based off of their email address or user_id (you can set up which to us in the integration’s Settings menu in the App Store). That said, new contacts won’t automatically sync unless you set up an automation that syncs them in a bot flow as a follow up action 👇

You can also manually sync them by clicking on the ‘Create Lead’ button in the Salesforce Inbox App when you have their conversation open in the Intercom Inbox 👇

Once a person in SFDC is synced with a contact in Intercom, that mapped attribute should sync over to the attribute that you designated in your mapping. You will then have access to that value in the Lead/User Data section of the Intercom Inbox 👇

Let me know if you have any questions around that! I should also note that our help center has loads of articles about the Salesforce integration. I recommend reading those over for further information around how it all works!