Send a Intercom survey response as a Mix panel event?

  • 23 November 2023
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We have a dashboard with all our KPI:s in Mix Panel.
Is there a way to send a response from an Intercom Survey as an event to Mix Panel?
The goal is to be able to add show the survey results in our Mix Panel Dashboard together with our other data.

I have looked into Zapier as a solution but the “Submitted Survey”-trigger for Intercom is not available in Zapier.

Any work-around for this?


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Hi @Jens Lindman !


I’m not sure what is possible with the MixPanel API, but you can subscribe to our content_stat.survey Webhook and that will send a notification whenever a Survey has any of the Events below occur:

- receipt (Survey shown)
- goal_success
- answer
- click
- completion
- dismissal

You can then send that notification response over to the MixPanel API to do with it as you please!