Why the Intercom Webhook topic conversation.rating.added doesn't include the rating and remark?

  • 26 January 2024
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I’ve successfully subscribed my url to the conversation.rating.added topic, and I’m getting the data.

However, I’ve noticed that the conversation_rating object which is supposed to contain the “rating” and “remark” is always null.

How can I get the “rating” and “remark” directly from the webhook each time a rating is added to a conversation?




Best answer by Nathan Sudds 27 January 2024, 19:32

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@retention analytics reports The app Supportman for Intercom that helps send that info to Slack seems to have tapped into the ratings and response, not sure what method they are using to do this but is this the type of thing you are trying to do?

I’m not sure if they are using the webhook or another method but I could check in with them to see, I haven’t tried this but would be happy to help investigate. 



Hi @Nathan Sudds

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. If you could check with them, that will be really helpful )
Thank you very much )

The problem is that if a chat is handled by the resolution bot, even if a user leaves a remark or rating, the conversation_rating will be Null for those chats. Even if you try to get them from the API.
This is because Intercom doesn’t retrieve this info for the resolution bot at the moment. Maybe this may change in the future )