How to add Google Tag Manager to Help Center? (or GA4)

  • 24 April 2023
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For Help Center there is only Option for Google Analytics Universal.


1 - No option to add Tag Manager. Is there a plugin we’d need?

2 - Or can you add GA4 ID in that filed as well?








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3 replies

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Hey @pascal-what-digital Racheal from the support engineer team here👋


While it's not possible to inject any custom code into Articles or the Help Center, there is an option in the settings, which which will allow you to add the tracking ID from GTM directly on to the Help Center 👍.


For more details, check out the GA <> Help Center article here!


The answer says it is possible to add an ID from Google Tag Manager as the Google Analytics Tracking ID, but the ID shown in the image appears to be a Universal Analytics tracking ID.

When I try to add a Google Tag Manager ID, starting with “GTM-”, I get an error saying it is an invalid Google Analytics ID. 

Should it be possible to add a Google Tag Manager ID in the help center? 

The reason I'm asking is that in order to introduce GA4 tracking in our help center, we first need to obtain consent from the user through our consent management platform, to comply with GDPR regulations. The way we normally set this up is through Google Tag Manager, which then controls the GA-tracking based on the users consent decisions.

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Hi @Christofer Eliasson ! 

You will need to use your GA tracking ID for GA tracking purposes. Sorry about the confusion around that!