What are some examples of proactive support messages?

  • 9 March 2021
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What are some examples of proactive support messages?

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Regardless of your business type and customer needs, there are four powerful proactive messages you can send: 


  1. Onboarding new customers
  2. Addressing common stumbling blocks in your product or app
  3. Educating customers on new features
  4. Alerting customers to known issues


Check out more examples in our Ultimate Guide to Conversational Support.

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I will add one proactive support examples from my experience:


We use events to detect user errors/problems, then sending it to the Intercom and triggering different actions like In-app chat, custom bot, e-mail, Product tours.

Let say the user created a record incorrectly 3 times, we then send the Event to the Intercom to trigger the Product tour.


Sending correct events to Intercom can create good Proactive Support.