How do I stop getting multiple push notifications per message in the mobile app?

  • 2 February 2021
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For every conversation, every time

  1. a customer starts
  2. a customer responds to
  3. or when a team member responds

it notifies me 2-3x times in the notification view of my iPhone.

This is happening to all of us in our tiny team of 5x people. We all have iOS 14.x




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14 replies

this even includes when conversations are closed or snoozed and when they reopenIMG_1648


Hello @kim t​ , To fix this you should go to Intercom app -> Profile -> Your account -> Notifications and set-up notification settings.

Here some example:


Hi Roy, those are already set up, and my question is how to stop MULTIPLE notifications of the SAME message. I am happy with the messages I receive, but I don't want 2-3x notifications of each one.


I raised this bug with Intercom over a year ago and despite constant chasing they appear not to be prioritising investigating or resolving it. Really frustrating.


How about reporting this bug in @Intercom Bug Reports​ Group? I will also tag @eric f11​ here.


Personally, I'm not using Intercom mobile app but will try to test this out.

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Hey everyone, I've flagged this with our Mobile team and I'll let you all know as soon as I have an update!

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Hey @roy s11​ @charlie p​ @kim t​ - our engineers will be investigating this issue in this current cycle, and I hope to have an update to share with you once they've identified a fix!

Thank you Eric! It still happens every single day multiple times, so let me know if you need more examples.


Thanks Eric, fingers crossed. I had a reply from Intercom support last week saying this issue was not being prioritised currently, so I hope what you say is true and this is now going to be looked at. Looking forward to your next update.

I have the same frustrating problem on Android device, every notification comes through twice.


Hi @eric f11​ it appears the duplicate notifications issue isn't happening today. Has a fix been released?

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This doesn't help. I have the same thing too. It will send a push notification of the rule that triggered for some reason (which isn't helpful)

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Hey @charlie p​, I haven't received any notification of a fix being shipped yet, are you still noticing a "fix" on your end? It looks like @joshua d​ is still experiencing the same issue.


@eric f11​ yes I don't seem to have had any duplicate notifications for the last few days.


@joshua d​ to clarify, do you mean at the moment you are receiving duplicate notifications (i.e. two identical notifications appearing at the same time on the same device)?