Is there a way to disable the user-side preview of new messages in the Messenger?

  • 5 December 2022
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Hello! Hope you're all doing great.


As stated above, my question is: is there a way to disable the Messenger showing a preview of new messages in a small, borderless box? I'd like to stick only to the red bubble that indicates a new message and nothing else, if possible.



5 replies

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Hello @user2097​ 👋🏼


Shauna here from Intercom Support - thank you for reaching out!


Currently there is no way to 'disable the preview of the message' showing from the Messenger - this is specific to 'replies' from conversations etc.


You can set Outbound Posts & Chats etc. to show as a 'badge' 👇🏼

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 14.49.29I will flag this with the Product team as a feature request for you 🚀 Please share any additional context on your use case here, and I can pass this on for you!

Hello - there must be a way to resolve this. The messenger preview included in the Javascript SDK has terrible UI, no contrast with the background and poor styling (textarea is missing border radius). It’s impossible for someone looking at a website with a white background to even recognize they are looking at messages - especially on mobile screens! 


Worse still, the onShow event callback is not triggered when this preview is shown, so I can’t proactively add an overlay to the UI to create some contrast. This is preventing us from purchasing Intercom. 

Another issue I want to surface is the following: the preview bubble is too wide for our product!

Our product is being launched inside an iFrame and has maximum width 300px. Intercom messages are often being assigned width of 342px making it impossible to interact with or even close! Our customers are really unhappy and so are we.

I assume, Intercom should take viewport width into consideration when doing so. If needed, I can provide screenshots.

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Hi @Michael Parlato -- Cam from the Intercom Technical Support Engineering team here 😁

Looks like you’ve been in touch with my teammate Tyler who’s passed along that at present there is no way to change the background of the notification that comes in through the Messenger via the web/JS SDK. This feature is only available for mobile SDK's. Just wanted to get back to you here for completeness and to update the wider community. 

That being said I can completely understand how having this capability would be of value. I can see that Tyler has submitted a Feature Request for this to our Product Development team for them to consider as they make plans for the future, and I’ve gone ahead and submitted an FRQ as well using the post you’ve sent through here (the more the merrier). Hopefully this is something we see become available in the near future 🙏

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Hi @Sergey Bekharsky -- It’s Cam from the Intercom Technical Support Engineering team 👋

Keen to understand if you’ve had the chance to try our new Compact Messenger feature and see if that format worked in your specific use-case? You can see more details on this newly released feature here.