Product Wishlist Guide

  • 27 June 2024
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Product Wishlist Guide
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Did you know that most voted product ideas have the highest chances to be reviewed for consideration and potential implementation by the product team?

The top 20 most-voted community ideas are now officially part of the product roadmap resources, so make sure to share upvotes for the ideas you’d like 👍

💡Besides the number of votes, there are other factors taken into consideration like complexity, impact, reach and alignment with the strategic roadmap.


What happens after you submit your Idea?👀 

When you Submit your Idea, and it begins to pick up activity (votes and comments), you will also notice the status of the ideas changing. If you check the Idea Pipeline, you will be able to see the roadmap of the community product ideas.

Whenever you get a new comment and status change of the idea you submitted, you will get notified via email, so you never miss an important update on that.

Join the Beta Group 🎁

If you are an Intercom customer with an active subscription, make sure to join the
Beta Group to keep up to date with upcoming betas and get exclusive beta access via the community.

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