How can I disable messenger outside of office hours, then generate a flow to create a ticket instead?

  • 7 February 2024
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Hi there!

I have been toying around and can’t find a solution. My customer support center operates Monday-Friday 3am-7pm ET. I want to disable messenger during this time OR, use Fin AI to create a ticket instead of allowing a conversation (ideal).

Has anyone done this successfully? Would love any approach that has worked.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!



For context on the approach I tried:

I created a workflow When customer sends first message (outside of office hours) > Convert to ticket. Instead of this flow initiating, the bot keeps trying to answer my questions when I send my message. I don’t want that - I want the bot to immediate trigger the ticket workflow.



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Hi @hannah-ff ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

To disable the Messenger outside of office hours, you would have to use custom code on your website to show or hide the Messenger based on the time of day. You'll need to modify the `hide_default_launcher` attribute in your Messenger installation code.

If you want to completely disable the Messenger and all Intercom features outside of working hours, you'll need to use custom coding to only install and boot up the Messenger during working hours. For example, if working hours = true, boot up the Messenger. If working hours = false, don't boot up the Messenger.


We currently don’t have a work around to achieve the workflow you are looking for.


Hope this helps!

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To do this, you need to start with a “when a customer starts a conversation” workflow.  Then, you can go from there to have it create the ticket.


It’s very frustrating that the automation “Customer opens a new conversation in the Messenger” can only start with text and only have text or buttons. The only automation that can do this is “Customer sends their first message” which obviously is useless as it requires the customer to initiate the conversation.

This is something I have complained about for a long time. It would resolve these kind of issues very easily.