Resolution bot and Workflows

  • 8 October 2023
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I sit possible to use “Let Fin answer” option in the Resolution bot? 


Right now, for the custom answers I am writing, there is a path that I have defined. 

I want to close the conversation once the customer has repsonded to “That helped”

In resolution bot, the path takes me to standard answers

In the Workflow with the trigger,

how do make sure that the actions that I have defined in the Workflow flow inyto the Resolution bot


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Hi @Radhika TK 

Jennifer here from Customer Support

If you’re used to Intercom’s former automation settings, you may run into some new terminology in Fin's settings! Here’s what has changed:


  • Resolution Bot is now just called Fin, with the capability of both AI answers (powered by a mix of AI models and your Help Center content) and Custom Answers (written directly by you):


  • Any previous Resolution Bot answers you had written will now be found under Custom Answers.

  • Unanswered questions will appear under Custom Answers. You can also find your unanswered questions in the Fin report (Reports > Customer Support > Fin).

    Do you mean how to add Fin to a Workflow? You can add Let Fin answer as below 👇🏻

    I’ve also added a helpful article which explains how to use Fin alongside other automations:

    Let me know if this is what you’re looking for or you meant something else?