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  • 15 October 2023
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Hi, guys!

I would like to create a "step-by-step registration" process. I may be a little vague in my explanations, but here is the sample algorithm of the future process.

  1. On the site there is a minimalist form for new clients. I want to redirect this flow directly to Intercom, where Leads will be created. Here I will use Intercom API on the Python backend.
  2. Data received from the form, as well as additional information collected on the backend and saved in Intercom, are reviewed by a specially appointed manager.
  3. Let's assume that the result of his review fits into 4-5 actions that he chooses (where? and how?) to continue registration.
  4. In case of, say, refusal, the manager writes (selects the appropriate one from the already predefined - ?) message in the dialogue.
  5. If, for example, negotiations begin, then the dialogue with the Lead also continues. It is possible to exchange some files or screenshots. Here I would also like to automate the manager’s actions as much as possible.
  6. If the negotiations were successful, the manager is obliged to take some actions that trigger some processes/actions on the backend (creating a personal account in a third-party CRM, sending some kind of invite, etc.)
  7. If the negotiations are unsuccessful, then something similar to point 4.

Question: What strategy/tactics should I follow when building this process, what internal Intercom tools should I use, etc.? I understand that in some places I can use the Intercom API, and in others, I can use ready-made widgets. In the future, I would like to automate all stages of this process as much as possible, but that’s a different story. However, this may be due to the choice of initial architecture.
For now, I need an approximate direction for further actions. It would be ideal if someone already has some kind of approximate algorithm for similar things, indicating possible Intercom tools, or someone has already walked a similar path.

Thank you.


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Hey @AndyR 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


A feature that might be useful to you here to automate the actions of the manager on the team would be Custom Actions. Custom Actions are no-code and deeply embedded integrations that can connect your live external data with Intercom. This live data can be used to power bot and Inbox workflows, allowing your customers to self-serve their queries automatically in the Messenger. You can have a manager trigger Custom Actions from a conversation in the inbox to automate certain processes. That being said, it’s difficult to get more detailed here without knowing the specifics of the set up you are looking for. 


I’ve escalated this as a conversation with the support team for you to dive into your specific use case. 👍

Thank you, Eden!

I have already received an email answer from your engineering team. I like the idea with Custom Actions. We will consider this tool.

Thanks again for support.