Anybody achieved to transfer Intercom conversations to a Hubspot Company's profile?

  • 8 September 2022
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Anybody achieved to transfer Intercom conversations to a Hubspot Company's profile?

Best answer by Racheal 13 September 2022, 05:33

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Hey @user1204​ Racheal from the support engineer team here 👋


Are you specifically looking to send the conversations to the Company page? If so- it is definitely possible to send your Intercom conversations to Hubspot but they do not live on the Company page. After a HubSpot contact is created, your leads' and users' conversation transcripts will also automatically appear as activities in HubSpot. We send Intercom conversations to HubSpot when they are started or closed. To view Intercom conversations in HubSpot, ensure you have Intercom switched on in your activity filters: 


Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 10.31.16 PMMore on getting that set up here!

Hey @racheal​ ! Is there no way at all to show them in the company page? Some workaround? We don't want to see them on company's page.

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Hey @user1204​ just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, you want Intercom conversations to be on the Hubspot company page? You ended with we don't want to see them on companys page so I want to make sure we are on the same page!


If you are looking on the Hubspot company page there isn't a way to have your Intercom conversations there, as they are tied to users and not companies. I can definitely flag this as a feature request, could you tell me a bit more on your use case here?

Hello @racheal​ , sorry my bad, it was intended to be "we don't want to see them on the User's profile". The problem here is that our Sales have pipelines in Hubspot where they can see Companies or Deals, so it would be useful to have them in this view instead of Profiles, that should be checked one by one. Finally we are more interested on the interactions with a single Customer intended as Company and not User.

Hello everyone,

has this feature already been built or is there any news? We would also be interested in it.

@Racheal @User1204